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Link building is a skill only few really master. However, in fact it is not that complex. Thanks to our enthusiastic team of experienced link builders, we have a growing number of customers and proven results. These customers include some reputable SEO companies that use our link building service for their own customers.

Link building is one of our core activities. Thanks to our competitive prices and flexible conditions, we can offer everyone, from web shop to driving school, from plumber to non-profit organization, the chance to grow with us.

There are thousands of books about different techniques to rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. With time, most of these techniques lose relevance and new creative techniques emerge. But after years of change in the online marketing landscape, there is one SEO technique that has remained successful: link building!

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What is linkbuilding?

Link building is an important aspect of Search Engine Optimisation. Search engines see it as a compliment from other websites. Consequently, if your website gets compliments from other websites, it deserves a higher ranking in Google, Bing or Yahoo. But be careful: the origin of those links is important. A link from a less reputable website can actually worsen your results. Collecting quality links to your website is called link building. Good link building requires extensive knowledge, experience and commitment from the link builder.

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Why invest in link building?

Link building is one of the most effective methods to rank higher in search engines. It is important though to keep an eye on other SEO factors. Links to your website show Google how valuable and relevant your website is. Around 80 percent of the Dutch population buys or looks for information through Google. Building quality links to your website will make your pages rank higher in Google.

The logical consequence is that the number of visitors on your website increases considerable. Most people who use Google do not look further than the first page, or even the first ten results. That is why link building is essential.

Why outsource link building?

Link building is no rocket science. Everyone can learn it. Nevertheless, many companies are looking for opportunities to outsource SEO and link building, because it is a very time-consuming task. It is cheaper for a company to hire a professional service like ours.

Most entrepreneurs have a limited knowledge of SEO and link building. Still, they often get questions from SEO companies that require more search engine optimisation knowledge, like which keywords they want to target. The entrepreneur then answers quickly with e.g. “Samsung phones”, even though it is probably more lucrative to target “Samsung S4”. Specific words target specific audiences. This will increase your return on investment.


Links rank in the top three most important Google ranking factors


What to pay attention to while placing links?

To get ranked high in search engines, four link building elements are essential. The best links come from related pages with high authority and few outgoing links. We make sure your website has a natural link profile with a diverse number of relevant quality links. This will show the search engine that your website and web pages should be ranked high.


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A continious process

We are sometimes approached by customers who would like to rank in the top three for the keyword “compare insurances”. But it is not that easy. Ranking high on such a term requires months of intensive online marketing and link building. Your competitors are doing that as well. A good link builder is therefore clear about the time it takes to see improvements.

For link building, it normally takes several months before the first effects become visible. That is because you cannot request hundreds of links per day: that will alarm the search engines. After the link placement, you also have to wait until the website is re-indexed and Google or Bing finds the link. The process can be accelerated, but most of the time that is not advisable. A good link builder builds up quality links gradually, so it search engines perceive it as a natural pattern.

How do we work?

The first step in link building is making an inventory of your wishes, demands and the budget. A short prospective research round will determine if your wishes are realistic and feasible within the agreed period. Some customers will ask to rank first in the search engines within a couple of weeks, but most of the time, that is not realistic because the competitors have been working on this for a longer time already.

Then, we make a proposal to improve your website’s ranking. If you agree, we will start a new research round. What is your current link profile? What are the competitors doing? Which keywords are important? On which websites can we place a link to your website?

Then, our link builders will start working for you. Our specialists will work hard to create as many relevant quality links as possible in a natural way. This will indicate to the search engines that your pages should be ranked higher in the search results.

Afterwards, you will receive an extensive report which shows you were the links are placed and what the effect of your investments is. Link building requires good reporting. We offer you a monthly extensive report. We analyse your website and those of your competitors. Moreover, we have handy tools to accelerate and simplify the research process.

Choose experts!

In the Netherlands, there are many companies that offer link building. Apart from the prices, most companies are more or less at the same level. But not many link building companies excel and really reach another level. The reason for that is that you as a customer are just one of many. The link builder does not have a feeling for you and your website.

Outsource your link building to experts who do this full time. Moreover, our link building experts are following the latest search engine developments, so you can be sure you are using a link building strategy that follows the guidelines. With our link building techniques, your website will rank high in the search engines in no time.

Link building Netherlands: local and world-wide

Drijfveer Media has offices in Groningen and Assen. Many of our clients come from this region, but we are an online marketing company that operates world-wide. Do not hesitate to come by, or invite us to your company for a non-committal introductory talk.


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